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Tea Time, Giveaways, The Winners are...

Happy Spring! 🌷

Spring has sprung, and I couldn't be more delighted. 😃

April Fool's Day Tea Time! ☕

It's no joke that we are having our monthly Tea Time on April Fool's Day. It will be enjoyable, but I can't guarantee that it will be prank free. You will have to see for yourself when we authors gather in my group, Maria's Muses: Inspirational, Christian and Close-to-the-Heart Readers from 4 to 7:15pm EST. I will be first up at 4pm and will be discussing some very personal aspects of my life, not just my writing. Curl up with your favorite beverage and snack while chatting with the jokesters, I mean authors.

Giveaways! 🎉🎈🥳

I'm in a generous mood. It must be the spring air. Here are more GIVEAWAYS!

If you refer 5 people who subscribe to my website, I will giveaway my Super Swag Pack (2 bookmarks & a magnet as seen in photo below ). You can ask if they want to subscribe to my website and fill out the subscriber form for them. You only need first and last names and their email address. Easy peasy. The cool part is that they will receive a FREE gift from me, the Relaxation Audio download. 🧘‍♀️🎧

Here's my website:

💥 Just make sure they go to their spam folder in case they don't see the Welcome Letter in their inbox which includes the Relaxation Audio download. 😊

Then simply give me the names of all 5 referrals, and I will verify on my end that they subscribed. Whoever refers 5 subscribers will be entered to win the Fabulous Swag Pack in place of the Super Swag Pack. The difference is that an awesome pen is added to the Fabulous Swag Pack. For every 5 referrals an entry will be made for the giveaway. The more entries you have, the greater your chances of winning the Fabulous Swag Pack!

The Fabulous Swag Pack includes:

🌷 2 Fantastic Bookmarks (Double sided) 🌷 1 Super Cool Frig Magnet 🌷 1 Awesome Pen with Stylus (for use on electronic devices too). Beautifully engraved & has black ink that writes great!

💥 These giveaways are not sponsored by Wix nor any other entity other than yours truly. Contiguous US only‼️

Giveaways end May Day, Sunday, May 1, 2022. Don't delay to receive this awesome giveaway! ⏳

The Winners are... 🎉

There have been a few chances to win giveaways since the last newsletter.

🎉 The winner of my Not Again ebook giveaway was Karen Loy Geerling in Read More Books - Tina Hogan Grant's Reader Group. 🎉

🎉 Shelby Elkins won the mystery giveaway in Tattered Page - a digital copy of Not Again!

🎉 Congratulations to Dana Duplantis for winning the Super Swag Pack for participating in the last newsletter giveaway!

A sincere thanks to all those who participated in the giveaways! 😍


My Funny Valentine, A Romcom Anthology 😍

Introducing an anthology that is featuring the writings of about 30 other authors. These ladies are getting the word out on their combined efforts. I have the honor of presenting My Funny Valentine.

*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*''*•.¸♡ My Funny Valentine ♡¸.•*''*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*'

The heroes are deliciously imperfect, but the way they love will leave you breathless. It's a good thing no one ever said the path to happily ever after would be easy.

Prepare yourself for this delightful romantic read by pre-ordering your copy today!

My Funny Valentine releases on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2023.

Pre-order today for 99cents:

Inside the pages of this laugh-out-loud romcom boxed set, you'll find heartwarming and binge-worthy full-length romance novels filled with flawed and hunky heroes, sassy heroines, mixed signals, accidental attractions, dating disasters, unexpected twists, and huge jaw-dropping gestures to help balance out their many wrong turns along the way.

You'll be cheering out loud for Mr. Right to finally get it right.

From secret admirers, to best friends hoping to become more, to exes dying for a second chance, to fake relationships, to mistaken identities, there's something for everyone in these all-new, standalone, contemporary romantic comedies from your favorite USA Today bestselling, award-winning, and rising star authors.

Fans of Emma St. Clair, Jenny Proctor, and Sarah Adams will totally devour My Funny Valentine. Scroll up and one-click this limited time collection to get your next sweet and swoony book boyfriend.

Not Again

Not Again is a realistic young adult faith-based novel set in the 1980s where romance collides with conviction and innocence collides with tragedy. Its inspirational messages may transform your life forever. Buy Not Again on Amazon

Not Again The Fallout - Coming Soon!

The drama continues with the life of Christina De Rosa in college with the sequel, Not Again The Fallout. Meet new characters and welcome your favorites back. If you like second chance romances and enjoy the nostalgia of the 80s, this duology is for you!

Happy Resurrection Day! ✝

Have a Happy Easter! What are your plans? Are you traveling? My family is going to the Delaware beach. I hope to participate in the annual Bunny Palooza 5K. I have been easing into exercising again and lost 25+ pounds watching what I eat. I'm half way to my goal weight. Share your Easter plans or whatever is on your mind in the comments. I'd love to hear from you. 💬

Contact Information

My desire is to make a positive impact through my writing. Should you feel compelled to join me in healing hearts one post at a time, join my launch team. Contact me at:, or respond to this email. Here are all my social media links in one spot:

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