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In honor of Not Again, the first book of my series turning 5, we are going to celebrate! I'm having a birthday bash in both of my Facebook groups simultaneously. You're all invited! On August 10, we will toast to me being a published novelist. Not Again, my debut novel, was released in mid-August of 2019. Little did I know one book would turn into more published writing when I set out to write a novel. That was not my initial intent. It was more about leaving a legacy, something my family could be proud of, something I could be proud of. Instead, the publishing world became my world. What a journey this has been! Thank you for joining me on this path that has broadened my horizons. Let's continue our literary travels together. Come party with us in my reader group, Maria's Muses and Books "R" US to celebrate this life-changing event.




📚 The Blockbuster Begins‼ 🎉

I am thrilled to be releasing 4 books the summer of 2025! These books are an extension of the Not Again series and can be read as standalones.


Here are all the Not Again series books:


Not Again, book 1 - Published on Amazon

Not Again The Fallout, book 2 - Published on Amazon

Not Again Morgan's Story, book 3

Not Again Amy's Story, book 4

Not Again Val's Story (Part 1), book 5

Not Again Val's Story (Part 2), book 6

The Not Again Series Description


Four friends. Trauma.

Heart-warming. Unforgettable…


The nostalgic series, Not Again, is a sweeping saga that goes beyond the traditional, formulaic, Christian themes. This epic, six-book narrative explores the indepth lives of four female friends who share a special bond as told by each of them at different stages of their lives. Take an unexpected journey with these inspiring girls from the life-altering challenges they face growing up during the 1980s to stepping into the harsh responsibilities of womanhood in the early 1990s. Their romances are as swoon-worthy as their trials are gut-wrenching. As gripping standalones, each life-affirming book demonstrates the unconditional and fierce love God has for each of us and will be etched on the hearts of readers forever. Not Again, healing hearts one page at a time.


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 Seeking Reviewers

I have been busy writing four novels since September 2023 to include in my Not Again series and plan on releasing them the summer of 2025. In the meantime, I'm in search of reviewers who will read, review, and promote my upcoming books. Should that sound appealing to you, contact me for more information and to apply at

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Maria's Newsletter/Blog

The next several months, my newsletter/blog will be announcing my exciting, new releases and may feature different authors, as well as more giveaways exclusive to newsletter subscribers. When you sign up to receive my newsletter/blog, you will receive a unique audio relaxation download specially created for new members. Once you try it out, please let me know what you think of it. If you're not already a subscriber, now is the time to sign up for free at the bottom of the page!

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I created a super cool event that meets on Wednesday once a month called Game Night. The month of July will be in my Facebook reader group, Maria's Muses. Join us for the fun! 🥳

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Not Again The Fallout 

Great news! Not Again The Fallout is available on Amazon in digital and paperback format!

Order HERE now!

Not Again The Fallout. Book two of the Not Again series. This edgy, faith-based novel continues the life of Christina De Rosa, who experiences the fallout of her past during her college years in the 1980s. 


Will Christina be able to open her heart again for a second chance romance?

Is she brave enough to face her worst fears to allow the healing needed to live a productive life? Or did her most recent event cause permanent devastating effects?

Will Christina be crushed once again by a former love?


This book will not only tie up unanswered questions from Not Again book one, but the inspiring messages will have a lasting impact. 


Not Again The Fallout is so powerful that it may cause emotional responses, as well as put you on a path of healing. Bring tissues.

Not Again, a Novel 📖

Book One of the Not Again Series

This young adult romantic Christian novel set in the 1980s is about a teenager named Christina De Rosa, who embarks on a spiritual journey in dealing with a roller-coaster ride of emotions from excitement to fear, from torture to ecstasy. Be captivated by her determination to overcome even the biggest of tribulations. Her thoughts are funny, flirtatious, and profound, and her tragedy is real. Will she expose a potentially deadly secret? Will true love triumph in this witty yet poignant story? Enjoy the ride as this tale unfolds.

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I'm delighted to announce that I am a contributor to volumes one and two of Love Knots: Stories of Faith, Family and Friendships.

Strengthen your relationships in forty days. 🍇


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