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Hi, welcome to my website! So glad you stopped by. Let’s get to know each other. I have varied interests. As a lover of reading, writing, nature, and teaching, I keep very busy. Helping others in any capacity is what drives me.

In addition, I have a passion for the arts. I find it relaxing to create my own graphics for promotional material. The photos on the front cover of Not Again were taken by me as well as the photos and videos used in the book trailers. The bulk of the song played with the book trailers was written by me too.

The Lord put you on my heart. The purpose of my writing is to have people draw closer to our Savior and strengthen relationships. Engaging in a book club with the Not Again series is a fun way to fellowship and grow in the Lord. It would be an honor should readers gather to create deeper relationships with each other through my books having Christ at the center. Reach out to me to receive Book Club Discussion Questions. I would consider it a blessing to join you in person if you're local, or I can join you virtually otherwise.

I am a graduate of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Journalism. I have experience in several industries including graphic arts, wellness, finance, and most recently education. I have taught most disciplines to all grades from pre-school to twelfth and tutored in math and writing in college level courses.

I reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband, Dave of over two decades, along with our recent college graduates, Brandon and Kathryn. Our twins graduated with honors and are pursuing careers in marketing. My husband and I couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments.

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