Punta Cana, a Destination Wedding

My family and I recently came back from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic where my brother had a destination wedding at the Majestic Elegance Resort. The trip was absolutely fabulous! We thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

The resort provided various activities to keep the guests entertained. A foam party was the first scheduled event at the swim up bar pool. This is where they shot foam out of a giant tube and played games while playing festive dance music. As one who loves dance music, I couldn't resist busting some moves.

Once the pool was filled with foam, a long narrow mat was held in place on the water by the party goers as guests took turns running on it. It was both fun and nerve-racking watching people slip and slide on the mat and eventually splash into the pool, especially when my kids took their turn. At the behest of the resort's social director, those holding the mat would shake it when certain adults launched forward to attempt the run. The larger the body, the more difficult it was to navigate the run. The youngest male in our wedding party was a natural hit with the party goers as his adorable little 7 year old body raced on the mat victoriously, several times I might add. The crowd went wild!

Later that evening we watched a circus performance. It was impressive to watch the performers contort their bodies in various forms while taking on challenges like standing on someone or hanging from a rope.

After the circus, I led our party to the dance club on the resort. There was no one on the dance floor upon our arrival, but that didn't stop me. I ran on the dance floor despite the unfamiliar music and let loose. Dancing for me was like a major aerobic activity. The puddles of sweat I left behind was proof.

Soon enough crowds of people joined us. The mother of the little slip and slide runner started screaming, "They were part of the Michael Jackson show last night!" The next thing I know, I was hand-in-hand dancing with a Michael Jackson show performer. Again, more screaming, "You were Michael Jackson! Do the Moon Walk! Do the Moon Walk!" My dance partner shook his head and continued to dance while my husband sat along the perimeter and watched. Can we say awkward?!

The beaches were breathtaking with the crystal turquoise and aqua colored waters that were as warm as bath water. Being able to sit underneath the thatched umbrellas and feel the cool breeze while gazing at the beautiful ocean was very relaxing as I held a refreshing tropical drink in my hand. At that moment, I created a new happy place.

The beach in Punta Cana at the Majestic Elegance Resort

The service was amazing. The friendly staff was at our beck and call, happy to be of service. My husband was the star in our wedding party because he was the only one out of about 50 of us that was willing and able converse in Spanish.

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. I wanted to remain in the here and now while I was there, meaning I decided to focus on relationships. My time with family, friends and getting know new people was a highlight for me.