Welcome, Regina Walker, Guest Blogger

Regina Walker is a guest blogger and I hope there will be many more to come. I recently finished Regina's novel, We Go On and I was happy to write a 5 star review. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We Go On was written with sensitivity for the much avoided topic of suicide. The author showed how there are different ways in dealing with the loss of someone who took their own life. Not everyone grieves the same way, nor should they. I cried at the characters' struggles and felt relief when they started to heal. Ms. Walker did an excellent job of capturing the sorrow and pain of those who survived the death of a loved one who killed themselves, but left the reader with the sense of hope, healing and helping others through the love of God. I highly recommend this book.

How often do we forget to ask for what we really need from someone? As I watched my youngest daughter, who is 3 years old, come at her daddy with wrestling fists, head butting, kicking, and tackling, I wondered why she didn’t just curl up in his arms and cuddle him.

I knew that’s what she needed - because sometimes moms just know these things. I knew because for three days she’s told me how much she misses her daddy. For three days she’s crawled into my arms, which are good arms for a mom but are a poor substitute for a daddy.

I tried to suggest that daddy was up for a cuddle, but she wasn’t buying it. I tried to suggest that she could just ask him to hug her, but she wasn’t listening to me. She needed his attention, but in her little mind, to get that attention she needed to come at daddy with all the bravado in the world.

These antics carried on for a while, and I finally left it alone and let her continue to come at her daddy as though she wanted to wrestle. I wish I could say she grew tired of wrestling and finally told her daddy that she needed that cuddle, but she didn’t. She went off to play outside with her big sister.

I told my husband that she needed a cuddle at some point. All that fight was just her way of getting his attention, but she’s really quite cuddly and a lot too stubborn for her own good.