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The Winners are...

April launched multiple giveaways of my new swag. Subscribers of this blog were the first to receive word of the first giveaway of its type and I plan on having more.

The April 1 Blog Post featured the SWAG GIVEAWAY!! (2 different beautiful bookmarks, a cool magnet, and a gorgeous inscribed pen).

The Fabulous Swag Giveaway Winner is... Jennifer Lynn Roche! A happy congratulations to you, Jennifer! I will need your mailing address sent to me in private.

The winner of the April 3 my Author Facebook Page SUPER SWAG PACK post is... Brenda Ellis! Congratulations, Brenda! Please give me your mailing address in private.

Congratulations, ladies once again on winning the coveted swag! A special thanks goes to the rest of the participants as I appreciate your continued support. Stay tuned for more giveaways.

May Day Celebration & GIVEAWAYS GALORE!

Speaking of giveaways, yesterday we launched the first ever event of its type in my reader group, Maria's Muses: Inspirational, Christian and Close-to-the-Heart Readers where every post was a giveaway! The May Day Celebration kicked off a month long celebration in honor of the group turning two in May. More prizes and surprises will be coming throughout the month. Introducing my new Facebook group cover. I hope you like it.

Also in May, my book club, Books "R" Us, will be hosting a special series of author takeovers that has yet to be announced in the group. Find out what we have planned by checking out the group that matches up various books and readers. Explore the possibilities.

Healing hearts one page at a time...

You probably noticed this saying in some form or another if you follow me on social media. That's because it's intentional. My writings are designed to help people draw closer to God, to help heal them through a challenging situation, or receive the ultimate gift of eternal life.

As a result, Lori Chasko, who I refer endearingly refer to as admin extraordinaire, came up with the tagline, Not Again, healing hearts one page at a time. I have used the tagline during author takeovers, in graphics, and it's even printed on my promotional materials. The premise of "healing hearts one page at a time" also fits in with my nonfiction writing as well. Sometimes you may simply see, "Healing Hearts" on promos or graphics.

With that said, there are two specific groups whose hearts I hope will be healed through my writing. The first one is middle aged women who can experience the nostalgia of the 1980s upon reading Not Again. Many woman have already shared that Not Again has helped them deal with traumatic events in their lives. My hope is that more women will feel blessed from reading my powerful book.

The second group of readers that I would like Not Again to reach is the youth. Unfortunately, I have yet to tap into that market, but I strongly feel that Not Again can have a positive impact on their lives.

Should you want to join me in healing hearts one page at a time, please send me a private message to further discuss my ministry.

Not Again is a realistic coming-of-age Christian novel set in the 1980s where romance collides with conviction and innocence collides with tragedy. Its inspirational messages will transform your life forever.

If you would like a copy of Not Again, click HERE or contact me to purchase an autographed paperback.

To connect with me on other social media platforms, please click on this link:

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