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The Power of Prayer

Here are the prayer requests I have prayed over. Send me your prayer request via my email at Should you like to be anonymous, please state that. If your prayer has been answered, please send me an email so it may be included in the Praise segment of the Power of Prayer series.

Tammy Sutcliffe 10/6/20

Prayers for Emilia a premature baby that was taken to a special children’s hospital on Friday, she’s 3 lbs and having liver problems, I know Father God can do a complete miracle for her, her parents attend my church, ty

Traci Wooden-Carlisle 10/7/20

Prayer Request: There are two very special women that I mentor. Both are called by God to preach, both receive dreams and messages for others from God and both deal with self-confidence issues and fear of man. My prayer is that the Lord continue to show them how beautiful they are from the inside out and that they concentrate on his opinion more than others so they are not hurt and discouraged to stop.

Stephanie Ward 10/7/20

My father is in respiratory failure and hospice has been brought in.

Staci Mitchell 10/7/20

I have a special counselor that's dear to my heart has a 5mm mass in her right lung

Debra Pruss 10/7/20

I am a borderline diabetic. My little toenail came off today. Would you please pray that it does not get infected. We also have a praise. My Mom will be coming home on Tuesday. I have not seen her since she fell the end of August. We are so excited.

Christine Davis 10/17/20

Prayers for health.

Maria Henriksen 10/24/20

I need prayer for a major life changing decision.

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