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Not Again, The Traveling Book

I'm excited to announce that Not Again, the paperback will be traveling the contiguous United States and I'm looking for your help to make this journey possible. The idea is to have Not Again be read and reviewed in the 48 bordering states. If you are interested in helping Not Again reach all those states, please send me an email at with your contact information. Only one person is required from each state to make this dream a reality.

Each participant will take a picture of the book and will include that in the review as proof of obtaining the book. In addition, each participant will sign their name and include the state they represent in the book prior to passing it onto the next person in a different state.

Media Mail is recommended as it will be the least expensive way to mail Not Again, but you cannot include anything else in the package or it will violate Federal postal standards. Write Media Mail on the front of the package. Be sure to keep the receipt for tracking purposes. Not Again measures 6"x.9"x9".

4 groups of 12 states were created, totaling 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii for now. I plan on mailing 4 books at the same time to each of the 4 groups.

There will be a contest to see what group finishes first! The group that finishes first with the required amount of Amazon reviews from the appointed states will have each member entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Participants of the 2nd group to finish will be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card. Participants of the 3rd group to finish will be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. 😃 Extra entries for CREATIVITY will be submitted 😃.

😃 Creative posts include, but not limited to, graphics in Amazon, posting in various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, BookBub, Goodreads, and blog posts. The more creative and numerous the posts are, the more entries will be submitted, providing a greater chance of winning a prize. 😃

Depending on how well this goes, I may do other contests to include Alaska and Hawaii.

The turnover time between states is 2 weeks allowing enough time to read and mail the book.

To add a twist, participants will submit their favorite verse or inspirational quote upon finishing the book. The verses and quotes will be compiled upon completion.

Responsibilities of Participants:

  • Read & review on Amazon

  • Writes name & state inside Not Again

  • Take a photo of the book & submit with review (selfie or original graphic would be super cool! 😃)

  • Mails Not Again via media mail (book only)

  • Mails Not Again within 2 weeks of receiving it after reading & reviewing

  • Submits favorite verse or quote

  • Must maintain confidentiality of names & addresses.

  • May not have previously received or reviewed Not Again.

There is a master list of contact information and only relevant information will be given out right before the book is ready to be mailed.

Confidential Info for tracking purposes:

Facebook Name

Amazon Name

Mailing Address

Email address

Phone number

Your support is greatly appreciated. I hope you'll consider joining me on this journey! Not Again is also available for purchase on Amazon and is always free with Kindle Unlimited.

Not Again is a realistic coming-of-age Christian novel set in the 1980s where romance collides with conviction and innocence collides with tragedy. Its inspirational messages will transform your life forever.

Video compliments of Christine Davis

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3 comentarios

Lori Chasko
Lori Chasko
01 nov 2021


Me gusta

Maria T. Henriksen
Maria T. Henriksen
01 abr 2021

Yes, Not Again has been traveling up and down the east coast. We still need more participants, but it's going well.

Me gusta

Lori Chasko
Lori Chasko
03 nov 2020

Let's get this going! This will be fun and exciting!

Me gusta
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