Interview with Lucy Irving, Best Selling Author

I'm here today with Lucy Irving, author of the best selling true story of her life, My Cry to God.

Maria: 1: Welcome, Lucy! Tell me a little about yourself and your childhood?

Lucy: My name is Lucy Irving and I'm 38 years old. I'm from a little town called Minden, Louisiana. I'm a wife, mom, best selling author, podcaster, youtuber, and an advocate. Since a child, I have been a victim of abuse, both physical and mental. The first time I remember my head being thrown into a window I was 5 years old. At 14 years old, my 26 year old brother stripped my clothes and beat me with a wire clothes hanger. I could go on and on about the abuse I suffered as there was an enormous amount. I was taught at a young age that love hurts. As I became an adult, I assumed that all relationships were full of abuse. I was taught that it was normal, but now I know that's a lie. Today, I focus on teaching others who have been deceived like me that love does not hurt!

Maria: That's a great ministry. You can help many people get out of abusive relationships.

Maria: 2: Tell me about your new book?

Lucy: My new book is the true story about my life. My Cry to God details the child and spousal abuse that I've suffered through. The deaths of three of my precious children, five miscarriages, cervical cancer cell surgeries twice, addiction, over dose, mental health and more. It tells the world about the horrible trauma that I've lived through and details the pain. It shows others that God can give you the strength to live through anything and that you have the strength inside of you to make it!

Maria: I can imagine how hard it must have been to relive all that horror while writing your story.

Maria: 3: What do you focus on most about your story?