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Changing it Up

Hello, fellow readers. After careful consideration, I decided to change up my blog. I will continue to provide updates about my writing and life from time to time. However, I'm super excited to announce that I'm adding guest bloggers and will feature authors and their writings. This will provide a new flavor to my blog. I hope you will find the change as delicious as I do. I know you're salivating to find out who the flavor of the month will be.

So here's an update...

Yours truly has been extremely busy! My novel and I have been featured in a couple of blogs since my last blog post. I will be a guest contributor in this first blog called Vine Words. The host, Diane Virginia, has a special section for contributors which not only features me, but Not Again as well. I encourage you to check out her faith-based blog. She loves to interact with her readers, so please leave a comment.

Another featured blog...

I had the distinct privilege to appear in the blog of fellow Christian, James O George as a featured author. Here is the link to the blog post:

My first podcast...

My very first podcast aired this past Wednesday, October 2. Two days later, the prelude and first chapter of my novel, Not Again aired as well. Now I have the bug for podcasts, so hopefully my voice will be heard by your ears very soon in another podcast. Stay tuned...

For your listening pleasure, I provided links to the podcasts. Be sure to write comments in the comment section provided. It was such a pleasure to work with the interviewer, Kat Caldwell and I'm sure she would appreciate your feedback, especially as a newbie to the podcast world.

Here's the audio of the Prelude and Chapter 1 of Not Again:

Upcoming Events...

Local peeps, I will be attending two book signings in November. The first one will be located at the Christmas Bazaar & Craft Fair at Hope Community Church in Gilbertsville, PA on November 9 from 9am to 3pm.

The second book signing will be held at the Book Nook in Boyertown, PA from 1pm to 4pm along with fellow Christian author, Willard Carpenter who will be featuring his newest release, A Path That May. I hope to see you at both events as autographed books make awesome Christmas gifts. Plus, you never know what tantalizing treats I may have for you (HINT: "Life is better with chocolate," an excerpt from Not Again).

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Maria T. Henriksen
Maria T. Henriksen
08. Jan. 2020

Lori, It's an amazing experience being featured in blogs and podcasts, so I wanted to return the favor. It's my way of giving back to the writing community.

Gefällt mir

Lori Chasko
Lori Chasko
02. Jan. 2020

Fantastic job!

Gefällt mir

Maria T. Henriksen
Maria T. Henriksen
24. Nov. 2019

Diane, It's my pleasure to share my writing and an honor to be a contributor to VineWords. Keep in mind after reading my debut that Not Again will have a sequel. God bless! 🙌 Maria

Gefällt mir

Diane Virginia Cunio
22. Nov. 2019

Congratulations, sister. May the Lord Jesus bless your writing journey and the ministry opportunities that will stem from it. Also, thanks for sharing your talent by being a member of the VineWords Contributors Team. Welcome aboard! I look forward to reading your new book, Never Again.

Gefällt mir
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