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A Mother's Mind

There once was a mother of twins

She loved them very much within

They were born with each having their own mind

with different personalities, but both are kind

As proud as proud could be

this mother took pictures for all to see

His toddler hair went from light to brown

Blond has always been on her crown

His eyes changed from a blue to a brown hue

while her eyes remained a sparkling blue

Life was not as hard as you would think

They grew up in a matter of a blink

Her once little ones are no longer small

The boy runs fast and the girl plays ball

The boy is as spirited as one can be

The girl's good nature is her key

He likes to lead

She strives to succeed

With college hunting around the corner

this mother became more of a mourner

The mother wonders what they will be

once they are off and set free

She can't help but worry and stress

that they may not be a huge success

She calls out to God in her time of despair

She recalls how deep He really does care

He reaffirms, "There's no need to distress

with their trust in me, they'll be a success."

With those words on her mind

a restful sleep she did find

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