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Back to School 👩‍🏫, Puzzle Giveaway 🧩 , & Author Central 📚!


It's that time again when kids, teachers, and support staff go back to school. As a substitute teacher of 15 years, I'm part of that crew and am looking forward to this year as each year gets better and better.


Enjoy this Maria's Bio Puzzle link I created. Send me a screen shot showing your completion of the puzzle, and state your full name to my email address ( Each participant will receive extra entries, if you like, comment, and share this post. A winner will be selected to receive free Not Again swag provided there are more than nine participants. Winner chooses one Not Again swag item from the graphic below (Contiguous US only).

See graphic above for the puzzle picture.

The winner of August's newsletter puzzle was Lori Raines. Congratulations, Lori, on winning Not Again swag! She chose the magnet.


I created an interactive and entertaining Facebook event that meets on Wednesday once a month called Game Night. This month marks our year anniversary of Game Night! The month of September will be in my Facebook reader group, Maria's Muses: Inspirational, Christian and Close-to-the-Heart Readers. Join us for the fun on September 27 starting at 4pm EST! 🥳



The Not Again duology is the emotionally and spiritually charged story about the life of a teenage girl growing up in the 1980s. There's trauma and drama, joy and angst, trials and tribulations, as well as forgiveness and redemption.

Click HERE to order Not Again, book one

Click HERE to order Not Again The Fallout, book two



Author Bio:

Katie Mettner wears the title of 'the only person to lose her leg after falling down the bunny hill' and loves decorating her prosthetic leg to fit the season. She lives in Northern Wisconsin with her own happily-ever-after and spends the day writing romantic stories with her sweet puppy by her side. Katie has an addiction to coffee and dachshunds and a lessening aversion to Pinterest — now that she’s quit trying to make the things she pins.

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Going Rogue in Red Rye County She’s on a mission And dangerously off the grid… After an undercover mission gone wrong, agent Mina August is on the run from the FBI and The Madame, a ruthless brothel owner. Her mantra: trust no one. But alone and permanently disabled, the cunning beauty must trust her ex-partner Roman Jacobs to take her side in a deadly cat-and-mouse game. Can she fight her true feelings for Roman to stay professional…and alive.

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Author Bio:

Cheryl Wright is a multi-award-winning and international best-selling author of over 80 books.

She writes historical western romance and historical romantic suspense. She has been published since 2003.

She focuses on relationships and family, as well as friendship. Her books are uplifting, leaving her readers with feelings of hope and happiness. All her books are small town romances, including her mail order bride stories.

She has been married to her own real-life hero for over 48 years. They have two grown children and six grandchildren. Their household would not be complete without their beautiful dog Bindy, who loves long, leisurely walks.

Cheryl's hobbies are tenpin bowling and papercrafts.

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Facebook Author group: Join Cheryl’s Facebook Group of VIP Reader. Members help with names of characters, towns, and much more. They also get sneak peaks of covers and excerpts of upcoming books





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A Kiss for the Sheriff – Book One, Small Town Matchmaker

She’s a widow, and he’s a sheriff almost past his prime. Both believing they are too old to start over, keep their distance, until…

Beth Hughes has yearned for the sheriff for two whole years – ever since he arrived in Crystal Springs. As much as she longed to do otherwise, Beth has always kept her distance from the rugged sheriff who has turned her world upside down.

Sheriff Wyatt Holt had a hankering for the demure diner owner. On the wrong side of forty, Wyatt kept away, but there was no denying the sparks igniting between them each time they met.

Each of them wondered when the flames would be extinguished, yet wishing it could be otherwise.

What happens when their world tilts and everything changes? Will the sheriff make the first move, or will Beth instigate the first kiss?


Author Bio:

Anna is a British expat living in Durban on the east coast of South Africa with her husband, Craig. They have two kids – a daughter, studying to be a chemical engineer (like her dad!) and a son, in his last year of school. From her vantage point overlooking the Indian Ocean, she writes historical and contemporary fiction with inspirational poetry and devotionals thrown into the mix. She loves writing stories of how God takes the ordinary and transforms it into something extraordinary. The smallest of stones, tossed into the smooth water, will create waves; concentric circles spreading outward to reach beyond the immediate or seen. So too, the seemingly insignificant action of today can leave ripples that are felt into eternity.

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Newsletter Freebie: A free novella

Seeking Light: A Cornish Tale

Cornwall, September 1742

Tin mining is in Jem Pearce’s blood. For as long as he can remember, the subterranean caverns of the Cornish mines have been his world — just like his father before him. Intimate knowledge of the maze of tunnels and passageways lights the way in the underground darkness, as sure as any lantern.

So why, when mine owner Mr Roberts announces plans for a proposed expansion project, is Jem so uneasy?

Compounding his anxiety is his son Edward’s eagerness to experience the thrill of the blasting preparations.

Can Jem persuade the mine officials to change their plans, and so avert disaster?

Meanwhile, Mr John Wesley has returned to this remote part of the country with his vibrant Gospel crusades. Thousands gather to hear his simple, hope-filled teaching, including Susanna Pearce, Jem’s wife. Can she help her husband discover the true light that shines in the deepest darkness — the light that is Jesus?

A novella inspired by the author's years of exploring the ruined engine houses of Cornish tin mines dotted across the wild and rugged landscape of Poldark country.


Be sure to do the puzzle, take a screen shot, and email it to my author email,, as well as like, comment, and share this post to be entered to win Not Again swag!

I hope to see you at Game Night for festive food, games galore, and fabulous fellowship!

Permission to forward this newsletter is granted and highly encouraged. Let's join forces to promote healing hearts 💖 one post at a time.

Here are all my links in one place for your convenience:

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